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The Disparate Impacts of College Admissions Policies on Asian American Applicants
Joshua Grossman, Sabina Tomkins, Lindsay Page, Sharad Goel
Replication materials: GitHub
Op-Ed: The Boston Globe
Extended coverage: Vox and The Journalist’s Resource
Additional coverage: Twitter, Inside Higher Ed, Marginal Revolution, Insight Into Diversity, Washington Examiner, Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
Under Review

Reconciling Legal and Empirical Conceptions of Disparate Impact
Joshua Grossman, Julian Nyarko, Sharad Goel
Under Review

Showing High-Achieving College Applicants Past Admissions Outcomes Increases Undermatching
Sabina Tomkins, Joshua Grossman, Lindsay Page, Sharad Goel
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2023

Racial bias as a multi-actor, multi-stage problem: An analysis of pretrial detention
Joshua Grossman, Julian Nyarko, Sharad Goel
Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 2023

Algorithm-Enabled, Personalized Glucose Management for Type 1 Diabetes at the Population Scale: Prospective Evaluation in Clinical Practice
David Scheinker, Angela Gu, Joshua Grossman, Andrew Ward, Oseas Ayerdi, Daniel Miller, Jeannine Leverenz, Korey Hood, Ming Yeh Lee, David M Maahs, Priya Prahalad
JMIR Diabetes, 2022

Bandit Algorithms to Personalize Educational Chatbots
William Cai, Joshua Grossman, Zhiyuan (Jerry) Lin, Hao Sheng, Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei, Joseph Jay Williams, Sharad Goel
Machine Learning, 2021

Improved individual and population-level HbA1c estimation using CGM data and patient characteristics
Josh Grossman, Andrew Ward, Jamie Crandell, Priya Prahalad, David Maahs, David Scheinker
Journal of Diabetes and its Complications, 2021