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As a solo instructor

MS&E 125: Applied Statistics (Spring 2024, planned)
Course website

MS&E 298: Detecting Discrimination with Data (Fall 2023)
Course website
New course, 22 students, course rating 4.8 / 5

MS&E 125: Applied Statistics (Spring 2022)
Course website
76 students, course rating 4.6 / 5

As a teaching assistant

MS&E 125: Applied Statistics (Spring 2023)
Instructor: Madeleine Udell
Causal Inference Guest Lecture Slides
Stanford Centennial TA Award, 72 students, TA rating 4.9 / 5

MS&E 125: Applied Statistics (Winter 2021, fully remote)
Instructor: Sharad Goel
Department Course Assistant Award, 86 students, TA rating 4.7 / 5

Other teaching experience

Preparing Future Professors Program Fellow (Winter 2024)
Semester-long shadowing of faculty from a local teaching-focused postsecondary institution.
Program website

AP Statistics, Physics, and Psychology Bootcamps (Spring 2012 – Present)
Intensive weekend bootcamps for AP test prep held each spring, with the 13th iteration in 2024. CCPrep AP courses

Private 1-1 tutoring (Spring 2009 – Present)
I am indebted to hundreds of past students who have made me a better teacher and mentor.

MS&E Data Science Bootcamp (Winter 2023)
Organized a weekly 2-hour data science bootcamp for participants of the MS&E Undergraduate Diversity in Research (UDR) program.
Program details

Mentoring with MS&E UDR Program (Summer 2020 – Winter 2022)
Mentored 8 undergraduate interns over 7 academic quarters.
Program details
Interview with mentee

SMASH Rising (Summer 2020)
Mentored 5 research interns from the SMASH Rising program.
Program details

Data Science Weekend Workshop (Summer 2019)
Organized introductory data science workshop for 16 local high school students from groups underrepresented in data science.
Program details

Workshop for Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (Summer 2019)
Led R tutorial for ~50 Stanford community members.
Program details

Workshop for CSLI Summer Internship Program (Summer 2018)
Led R tutorial for ~20 undergraduate research interns.
Program details

Juvenile Hall Coding Program (Summer 2017 – Fall 2019)
Founded weekly coding program for incarcerated teens at San Mateo juvenile hall facilities.

AP Bootcamp at the Barrio Action Youth and Family Center (Spring 2017)
Led an intensive weekend bootcamp for the AP Physics, Calculus, Statistics, and Psychology exams.
Barrio Action website

SAT/ACT Bootcamp at the Barrio Action Youth and Family Center (Summer 2016)
Organized and led a weekly standardized test bootcamp for local youth.

Course Instructor at Comprehensive College Prep (Summer 2016)
Full-time teaching.
CCPrep website